Munich 11 Media coverage

As the support grows from across the globe, JSF hopes that all groups will share AND express their outrage with the IOC regarding its failure to recognize a Minute of Silence during the Opening Ceremonies.

This initiative has received strong support and a lot of positive media coverage but the IOC has still refused to acknowledge the fault and double standard in its position.

We hope that you will take the time to read some of the interesting perspectives below.  We appreciate the support of President Obama, Bob Costas, Deborah Lipstadt and many others.  And special recognition should go out to David Kirschtel for his exhaustive efforts over the past year to gather the needed recognition.

Munich Massacre Memorial Prayer

Israel Forever Foundation Virtual Minute of Silence

Join the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland for their Minute of Silence

You can join the event on their Facebook Page

CIF Watch--Info on events to commemorate Israeli athletes murdered in 1972 Munich Olympics

Mark Spitz iconic picture of Munich Olympics was taken in London